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A fundamental introduction to software programming and product design for complete beginners, which anyone can attend.

Why learn with us?

Learn the process

we will teach you professional design process from pen and paper sketches to visual design and actual development.

Learn by doing

full video access, process guides on every course, and instructor on stand by to assist.

Learn with others

with live section on our courses, you'll join a community of learners across the globe.

Our Courses

120 lessons | 15 hours
Frontend Development
with Michael Nathan & Team
₦ 50,000
200 lessons | 24 hours
Fullstack Frontend Development
with Duro Sylvester & Michael Nathan
₦ 200,000
80 lessons | 9 hours
Backend Development
with Michael Nathan & Duro Sylvester
₦ 100,000
80 lessons | 9 hours
Python Scripting
with Michael Nathan
₦ 50,000
75 lessons | 10 hours
Data Science and Machine learning
with Michael Nathan & Team
₦ 50,000
50 lessons | 9.5 hours
Cryptocurrency Trading Crash Course For Beginners & Experts
with Destiny W. Amejuma
₦ 50,000
55 lessons | 7 hours
Master Javascript with Node Js
with Duro Sylvester
₦ 50,000
150 lessons | 120 hours
Product Design Bootcamp: Photoshop, illustrator, XD and Figma
with Ogbanefe Ernest & Team
₦ 70,000
200 lessons | 12.5 hours
The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Beginner to Expert
with Voushetectt Ovie
₦ 50,000

Course Content

1. Chat Application

A snappy chat component with smooth transitions and interactivity.

2. Counter Functionality

Increment and decrement functionality familiar for booking services.

3. Content loading placeholder

A sleek placeholder before actual content is available.

4. Feedback

Spice up your rating experience with these sleek feedback buttons.


Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking for soft skills in tech industry, or for anyone who wants to become one. You will learn the essential skills and thinking patterns to build the things you design. As a developer you will learn various design principles and how to improve both the usability and accessibility of the components you're already building.

Do have to be a computer Science major to take this course?

No, technology is for everyone, all you need is the passion and zeal to learn stuff, because technology changes everyday, so you need consistency to keep up. But we got you covered, with our weekly Articles on latest technology.

What tools do I need to follow the course?

You'll need:

  • Pen and paper
  • A PC (Laptop or Desktop)
  • A design tool (like Photoshop, Adobe XD or Figma)
  • A code editor (Vs-code, sublime text)

YouTube is full of free tutorials, videos and courses. Why should I take this specific course?

That's a reasonable question. There are plenty of resources available. At the same time these resources can be scattered and you'll get lost in the wild. It's better to have a structured set of things to learn. And that's exactly why we spend amount of resource and time building this courses: for you to have that resource neatly in one package. That's why and also one-on-one mentorship and open community to share ideas.

Do you offer certification?

Yes, certification is given at the end any courses taken. Mailed to your email after course completion and can be use to apply for a job.

Request a course, report an issue or I have a question?

Great! Just message us onTwitter or send us anemail.